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The Net Zero Effect


The graphic above shows the scale of economic and environmental change available when the Net Zero Technologies (PV/GHP/EE/Wind) are applied to buildings, a very large part of the energy we consume.  On the left, it shows the three major sources of energy: "Non-Carbon" energy source includes Hydro, PV (photovoltaics, solar electric), High-Temp Geothermal (GEO), and Nuclear, plus Natural Gas and Coal.  Electric Generation is in the center also showing the waste energy from generation (in gray).  On the right are the 3 sectors that use electricity and natural gas: Residental, Commercial, and Industrial.


By applying Net Zero to all Residential and Commercial buildings, we will eliminate 37% of all our Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions.  Net Zero for All Buildings is affordable and can be accomplished within 25 years with strong national leadership.  And, with the strategic need for 50% GHG reduction within 35 years, we need all of the Net Zero for Buildings 37% reduction.


Further GHG reduction is available with electric vehicles (EV's) charged from PV -- this is already happening in many places.


Below shows the full transition from today's energy use to Net Zero for Buildings.  Sources for all are shown below the graphics.

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