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Net Zero Building Examples


Some new buildings are already being built Net Zero or Net Zero Ready.  We will showcase impressive Net Zero Buildings that have been built to date.


First, let's look at Lady Bird Johnson Middle School in Irving, TX designed by Don Penn, PE, CGD.  This remarkable school is no compromise, with large and beautiful windows.  The energy systems in this school include EE (Energy Efficiency), GHP (Geothermal Heat Pumps), PV (Photovoltaics/Solar Electric), and Wind.

The reddish area are GHP loopfield areas, each one serving about 70 tons of heating, cooling, and hot water.  There is also one small demonstration Wind generator adjacent to the school.  Most importantly, this Net Zero Middle School shows just how cost effective Net Zero can be.  The graph below shows the 4 basic options for powering, heating, and cooling this school.  The Black line shows the 20 year cost for how a typical school is built with chillers,

boilers, and no PV -- taking this as the baseline for installation cost, this option would cost about $6M to operate over 20 years.  At the other extreme, the Orange line shows the Net Zero option which costs $2.9M more to install, but actually creates a 20 years surplus of $9M over the Black line base boiler and chiller system. 


Schools are not the only buildings

going Net Zero.  IKEA has already built 2 large Net Zero stores in the U.S. -- Denver and Kansas City.  Walgreens and other have also built Net Zero stores.

The picture below shows the entire middle school site grounds, with the school building itself being the bluish shape in the center.  PV panels cover most of the roof of the school. 

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