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Welcome to the Net Zero Foundation -- a source of leadership toward the goal of a Net Zero Economy. We at Net Zero Foundation are engineers, contractors, scientists, homeowners, and educators who are directly involved with the Net Zero Technologies, and we draw all our conclusions and recommendations from actual Net Zero Buildings. We now live in a world where we can get all our energy for free from the Sun.

We at Net Zero Foundation have a lot of information and understanding to share about how to practically achieve Net Zero. Our intention is to make the Net Zero Movement powerful and successful. This is the time for mankind to make this giant change in how we get energy, and to do it for both economic and ecological reasons.


We live in exciting times!

Rick Clemenzi, PE, CGD - Co-Founder

Net Zero Foundation, Founding Board Member

Geothermal Design Center Inc., Senior Engineer


Rick has been working to advance Renewable Energy technologies since 1978 when he built a parabolic solar thermal collector.  "It was basically freightening how hot that collector got" he said.  is a Licensed Professional Engineer with a diverse background, including over 30 years developing integrated H/W and S/W products, Renewable Energy products, a medical device product family, control systems, and technical video development.  Rick and the Intelli-Products team have taken 4 H/W and S/W products into international distribution, specializing in Agile Software Development, a method that promotes early delivery, continuous improvement, and rapid and flexible response to change.  Rick is a practicing Professional Engineer in the GHP field, a Certified GeoExchange Designer, and a licensed commercial and residential Mechanical Contractor with 10 years experience installing hydronic and GHP systems.  While an undergraduate at MIT, Rick taught his way through 2 years in a graduate student position with full tuition, room, and board, and now sits on the IGSHPA Training Committee, as well as holding periodic GHP trainings as an IGSHPA Installer Trainer, and serves on the Technical Committee Member of the Bi-National Standard ANSI-CSA 448 GHP Design and Installation Standard.  Rick has recently developed Geo AssuredTM, a construction oversight app for quality assurance and remote oversight that will be used for time-lapse video development in this Project.  Rick sits on the board of 3 nonprofits which he helped form, including Net Zero Foundation.

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